I am a linguist who teaches German and Translation at the University of Bristol. Prior to that I was the founding partner of an international research and consultancy firm which analysed discourses and market trends for a number of global corporations. I am a fellow of AdvanceHE and the RSA and have written, edited and translated nearly thirty books, often focused on experiences of community.

When you enter a classroom, as a student or teacher, do you smile and look forward to what lies ahead of you? When you start researching an essay topic, do you approach it with a sense of adventure? What you mark a student essay, do you consider that your comments will be read by a human being?These are questions posed by Resonance Pedagogy, a type of teaching and learning prioritising relationships. I came into contact with Resonance Pedagogy through my work with Hartmut Rosa at Deutsche Schülerakademie, a summer school scheme for highly motivated teenagers which most of those involved think is one of the best things in their lives.

I want to know: why does it work, and can the same intellectual excitement be encouraged elsewhere?

Christophe Fricker