I became involved with The Potential Trust because I passionately believe in supporting children with high learning potential and those who have special needs or disabilities as well as being bright (who have DME – Dual or Multiple Exceptionality), especially those who come from low income backgrounds or who are otherwise vulnerable.

I have worked in education and training for more than 35 years with a range of

groups, including ex-offenders, children with Special Educational Needs and young

people at risk of offending. For ten years, I was Chief Executive of the national charity Potential Plus UK (formerly The National Association for Gifted Children).

Since 2017, when I left Potential Plus UK, I focused on issues relating to mental health and Dual and Multiple Exceptionality.  As well as being a Trustee of The Potential Trust and Chair of GT Voice, I am currently a Non-Executive Director of the Nisai Education Trust, a volunteer Adviser with Citizens Advice in Northumberland and a Fellow of the RSA. I have also co-written a book for schools with Adam Boddison, a fellow Trustee, on Dual and Multiple Exceptionality.