A Brilliant IQ Gift of Challenge by Lyn Kendall and Chris Allcock

Publisher:  Brilliant Publications  https://brilliantpublications.co.uk/

This very practical handbook looks at the hurdles and obstacles that stand in the way of a gifted person becoming a well-rounded successful individual, while also discussing the opportunities and advantages of being bright, and ways to ensure bright sparks grow up to become well-adjusted adults.  The authors unpick common misconceptions and fictions that swirl around about what it means to have a high intellect, and the perils of taking them at face value.

The book draws no the authors’ personal experiences and professional, evidenced findings to provide accurate, practical, and meaningful advice for bright individuals, their parents, and professionals on how the to overcome the challenges of having a high IQ.  The education plans and practical solutions will be invaluable for educational psychologists and teachers.

Lyn Kendall is a psychologist and educator who serves as British Mensa’s Gifted Child consultant.  She has over 40 years’ experience working with children of all ages and intellects, focusing mainly on the fields of Special Educational Needs and Gifted and Talented Education.  Lyn holds a Master’s Degree in Education (Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education) and is both a qualified psychologist and a member of the British Psychological Society.

Chris Allcock is a professional writer and games designer.  As an experienced writer he has collaborated with other creative individuals to create video game scripts, strategy guides, art books, comics, promotional materials, and more.  Having joined Mensa at the age of seven, co-authoring A Brilliant IQ has presented Chris an opportunity to offer the perspective of someone who overcame many of the same challenges, an reassure bright sparks everywhere that they have what it takes to thrive.