Above & Beyond Advocates

The idea of The Above and Beyond Award came about during a Consultation funded by The Comino Foundation (with whom we work closely) who sent invitations to UK organisations involved in supporting children with High Learning Potential (HLP), together with teachers and others who were interested in this subject.

A summary of the Consultation outcomes can be found HERE

Consultation delegates worked together on an action plan to raise the profile of the needs of HLP children and young people.  One proposal was to run an award scheme for schools, professionals, children and young people, and others, with the intention of highlighting good practice in this area and the benefits to be gained of supporting High Learning Potential.

A Potential Conference was subsequently held, involving organisations and individuals keen to take this idea forward, and Above & Beyond Advocates came into existence.

Above & Beyond Advocates

  • GIFT Courses
  • Inclusion Mark
  • British Mensa
  • National Association for Able Children in Education
  • National Association for Special Educational Needs
  • Nisai Education Trust
  • North West Gifted & Talented
  • Potential Plus UK
  • The OT Company

The Trust would be happy to hear from other UK Practitioner organisations interested in joining Above & Beyond Advocates (membership fee not required).

Above and Beyond Awards

An Award ceremony was held in February 2019 in the International Conference Centre in Birmingham celebrating parents, teachers, support staff and other professionals in the UK who had gone ‘above and beyond’ to help exceptional young people achieve their high learning potential. The Awards also celebrated the achievements of children and young people in the UK, ‘above and beyond’ the expectation for their age, who had helped in the wider community or had overcome challenges in order to excel.

The event was hosted by Bobby Seagull, a television personality and ex University Challenge contestant and awards and certificates were presented to the winners and runners-up in the following categories:

  • Inspirational Young Person
  • Young Person’s Resilience
  • Inspirational Parent/Carer
  • Inspirational Teacher
  • Effective Provision in School
  • Effective DME Provision in School
  • Inspirational Support Staff
  • Inspirational Leader
  • Inspirational Extra-Curricular Provision
  • Effective Resource
  • Inspirational Therapist
  • Lifetime Achievement

For more information about the Award categories and winners and runners-up click HERE https://www.potentialplusuk.org/index.php/above-and-beyond-awards/

It was decided to run the Above & Beyond Awards every two or three years if possible

The experience of The 2019 Above and Beyond Awards were such a positive experience for all those involved that it was decided to set up a google group up for those involved in the Above & Beyond Advocates to enable instant communication between them, ant that the Potential Trust would enable them to also continue to meet at intervals to network more closely for the benefit of all children and young people with high learning potential.