GT Voice


Government funding for Gifted and Talented pupils ceased in 2010 and was no longer available to support HLP children and young people.

The Potential Trust responded by holding a Potential Conference for a small group of organisations working in this field to discuss how best the education of these children and young people could continue to be supported.  Participants were committed to continuing the range of support their organisations provided and set up GT Voice, a partnership through which they could support each other, provide information about what was available, and continue to lobby for support for these children and young people.

While it was active, GT Voice:

  • Ran a series conferences and workshops for Local Authorities, schools, charities, and other interested parties;
  • Circulated a free newsletter to all those interested in being kept up to date with what has happened in the G&T world;
  • Gave grants to support initiatives such as Above & Beyond Advocates.

As a result of this work, an increasing number of like-minded organisations and individuals been brought together and have continued to meet and collaborate, often at the Trust’s Potential Conferences.  This has resulted in a range of other initiatives, the most notable of which is Above & Beyond Advocates.