HELP (High European Learning Potential)

HELP (High European Learning Potential)

The Potential Trust was concerned that Brexit would make it harder for UK organisations to maintain their links with colleagues in other European countries so in the autumn of 2016 we offered our first European Potential Conference.  We invited European practitioner organisations to join us to exchange ideas and information, and to discuss how we could work in partnership on a practical level for the benefit of all HLP children and young people and their families across Europe.

Since then we have held 3 more European Potential Conferences that have included organisations from:

  • The Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • and, of course, the UK

As a result of these gatherings an informal collaborative network called HELP (High European Learning Potential) has evolved.  It’s vision and mission statements are on the HELP website, (, together with the shared values of HELPers.  The Trust would be happy to hear from other European practitioner organisations interested in joining HELP – all we ask for is a commitment to work withing HELP’s list of values (there is no membership fee and membership is open to more than one organisation from each country),

HELPers individually and often jointly present at conferences and workshops about the work that is being done in Europe and the benefits of working together.

Although HELP is not a formally constituted organisation, it is one which we hope will benefit families and organisations as well as European countries in the future.