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National Association for Special Educational Needs

The National Association for Special Educational Needs   www.nasen.org.uk

nasen is a membership charity organisation that supports all education practitioners who work with children and young people with SEND.

Coming soon January 2021 – Our free membership is available to everyone, from SENCOs to senior leaders, teachers to TAs, local authorities to leadership boards and beyond.

In addition to our membership, we lead targeted programmes and projects to deliver widespread improvements, offering a structured https://www.thepotentialtrust.org.uk/partners/school-handbook-for-dual-and-multiple-exceptionality/programme of professional development, accredited training and conferences.

A package of SEND services is also available throughout the UK, including:

  • SEND CPDL Annual Webinar Pass
  • SENCO Support Service
  • nasen Publication Subscription
Resources available from nasen visit https://www.nasen.org.uk
School Handbook for DME : View Here