Rites for Girls

 Rites for Girls CIC mission is to change the world one girl at a time, by making the lives of girls safer, kinder and better supported.

Girls Journeying Together groups offer a year of monthly support for preteen girls as they practice being true to themselves, learn about puberty, share their hopes and fears, and help each other into their teens. We support girls to emerge from adolescence stronger than they went in, working to prevent the high rates of self-harm and low esteem.

Girls’ Net for small same-age groups of girls aged 8-18 provides immediate guidance and camaraderie online over 6 weeks to help participants manage a wide range of complex needs and pressures including increased anxiety, bullying, family issues, divorce, bereavement, siblings, exams, social media and body image. Our facilitators offer support whilst the group dynamics form a strong sense of togetherness and shared endeavour.

Parenting through difficult times 3-session weekly online series helps small groups of parents do their best parenting in times of difficulty.

We train women to facilitate Girls Journeying Together and Girls’ Net groups, supporting the girls and their mothers.  Facilitators become ‘the woman they needed at 11’ and are provided with meaningful work that fits around other commitments, enabling them to serve in a diverse range of cultures bringing back the power of community in a way that appeals to today’s girls.

Our Mother-Daughter Date Diary is a simple tool to boost your daughter’s self-esteem. It has inspired mothers and daughters to find new, fun and creative ways of enjoying each other’s company. It can create space for deeper connections whilst journaling your moments into memories to look back on – anchoring self-esteem and inner-strength.