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Tech Camp


Tech Camp provides high-tech workshops, camps and online courses for ages 9-17.  Tech Camp was the first such  company in the UK and remains the only one worldwide that specialises in real ‘physical engineering’ projects that children build and take home.

From constructing their own robots to building advanced drones, high-speed RC cars, computer games, and laser tag systems, Tech Camp teaches STEM topics using the most engaging projects available, all custom-designed by Tech Camp engineers.

As well as the summer day camp venues around the UK, Tech Camp also runs their flagship residential camp in August where students from around the UK (and indeed the world) join together to explore their love of technology and making things and are taught by UK’s best young engineers and computer scientists; typically students studying at places like Cambridge, UCL and Imperial.  A multitude of evening activities are run such as ‘reverse engineering’ where they take apart electronic equipment to see how it works, to designing and making their own vacuum-formed chocolate moulds!

In 2020, Tech Camp branched into online courses on their most popular topics, and introduced the popular weekend online ‘Tech Club’ where children aged 9-12 learn different high-tech topics each week with a dedicated tutor, accompanied by practical hands-on engineering projects that are shipped to them in the mail.