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The Opening Doors series

The Opening Doors series

‘Opening Doors’ seeks to give training and resources to schools interested in developing a richer and more creative English curriculum, pitched high but with access to all learners.

We offer a wealth of experience about classroom impact, making links between theory and ideas and how to deliver an ambitious curriculum. By writing a book series to model this, Bob  Cox has applied principles and strategies for including all learners but pitched very high so that advanced learners can excel.

A large network of schools and organisations, and thousands of teachers use the five books in the ‘opening doors’ series.  These resources seek to promote the use of challenging texts, including poetry and prose written by famous authors.  Links are made constantly with contemporary writing for children and texts from around the globe.  What matters is the scope these texts offer – the ideas and concepts go deeper; the big ideas are more worthy of discussion; the language study is in context; the general knowledge widens; love of reading for pleasure and challenge grows.  We are working now in a blended learning way with schools, Trusts, or even whole local authorities and the most satisfying moments are when we see both teachers and pupils taking themselves into new areas and being thrilled at the progress made by all learners.

Please see our website for a list of schools and organisations actively working with us, though many thousands of schools use the resources in more ad hoc ways.  As the principles are transferable some Trusts have asked Bob Cox to speak beyond English and to secondaries.  Developing the right mindset about challenge has proved as important as getting appropriate subject specific advice.  Click HERE for resources available.