AnOther Potential Conference is…

Potential Conferences are normally instigated by the Trust to fit in with issues we are currently focussing on, but we are open to suggestions…

Are you passionate about a subject of relevance to HLP and/or DME children and wish you had some time out to discuss it with others without the pressure of meetings or time schedules, agendas, or expectations?  With others who might be working on related problems in other fields, others (possibly from different disciplines) who might challenge your thinking, others who might come up with new ideas.  With others who might want to collaborate on making a difference…

AnOther Potential Conference would be an opportunity for you or your organisation to collaborate with the Trust in setting up an event to discuss a topic of your own choosing that will push the boundaries for future thinking and future action.

Our terms of reference:

  • The theme of AnOther Potential Conference must in some way be aimed at enabling HLP and/or DME children to thrive – either by raising awareness of their needs and/or by leading to more support and/or better educational provision being made for them;
  • It should aim to challenge or push the boundaries in thinking;
  • It can be for between 10 and 25 participants, and you or your organisation can nominate the invites;
  • The venue must be conducive to participants having a feeling of wellbeing so they can relax and think creatively;
  • After the event the Trust will want your help in writing a report that will challenge the thinking and behaviour of others.

The Trust reserves the right to:

  • Have a representative of the Trust participating in the event;
  • Nominate additional invitees who might give an added dimension to the discussions;
  • Approve the text of the invitation letter/email;
  • Approve the venue if it is other than one of our regular choices (we currently use Hawkwood College, Stroud, and the Littlebury Hotel, Bicester).

Interested?  Intrigued?  Complete and send the application form below for consideration by the Trustees and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Once your application has been approved THEN you can complete the form suggesting a list of invitees.

Application form to collaborate on AnOther Potential Conferences

  • Your proposal for collaboration

  • (250 words maximum)
  • (250 words maximum)
  • (500 words maximum)
  • Once we have agreed to go ahead with this proposal for AnOther Potential Conference we will get in touch to agree a venue, consider specific dates, agree the text of the invitation letter, and ask for your list of suggested invitees plus their contact details.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Invitees to AnOther Potential Conference

Once we have agreed to collaborate on AnOther Potential Conference you can download the invitees form and tell us who you would like to invite.  Please download the form here and send your completed form (preferably as a word document) to