I have been a Trustee of the Potential Trust since 2015 and am an advocate for raising general awareness about challenges HLP children experience.  I am also Chair of Trustees of Potential Plus UK, the primary UK charity for parents with HLP children, and have been actively involved with that charity for the past 20 years. Having two high learning potential (HLP) children of my own gives me personal insight into the challenges faced by families with HLP children.

I am a passionate believer that all children can and should enjoy learning and that every child should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential with appropriate educational challenge – this being especially true for HLP children.  Whilst fulfilment of potential is dependent on opportunity, capability and hard work, it is the responsibility of society to make and encourage the first two of these to enable our children to achieve their best.  Without opportunity and the encouragement of capability it is difficult for anyone to succeed.

In my day job I am the Chief Information Officer at a membership organisation which provides medico-legal advice and indemnity insurance to the UK’s healthcare professions.  I am also a long-standing member of the Charity IT Leaders group – a charity which facilitates networking for IT professionals working for major charities in the UK charity sector.