Support for the Trust

How could Questors benefit from your support?

The Potential Trust believes that EVERY child and young person should have access to an education that helps them fully develop their personalities, talents and abilities.  Without the right support, however, many of those with High Learning Potential can:

  • struggle to recognise that they have that potential
  • fail to develop their talents and abilities
  • become isolated, anxious and depressed
  • develop behavioural problems including anti-social and even criminal behaviour
  • develop mental health issues; depression, anxiety, self-harm or worse

This can cause them a lot of distress, and also cause a lot of concern to their families, educators, and others involved in their lives.  But if HLP children and young people have opportunities to meet others who are like-minded, can discover and engage in new activities and find new interests, and can explore new challenges, then they are much better able to thrive.

As well as working to increase the recognition of and support for the difficulties that can face a family with one or more HLP children, the Trust also recognises that families with low or lower income will struggle to find the necessary funding to participate in appropriate events and activities – and this is where The Potential Trust can help by offering Questor bursaries.

Although financial donations are always very much appreciated they are just one of a variety of ways you could help the Questors of the future:

  • You could help us spread the word about the special needs of Questors.
  • If a Questor in your family had a good time on an event run by one of our partners you could tell other Questor families about what it was like, and that bursaries are available for families in financial difficulties.
  • When you shop on-line you could nominate The Potential Trust as your chosen charity via things like Smile Amazon ( ) or easyfundraising ( ). A donation will be made to the Trust – and it won’t cost you a penny!
  • If you run a business or someone you know runs a business, you or they could make a donation to The Trust so that we can support more Questor families. CLICK HERE to Make a Donation
  • If you can, you could make a donation to the Trust to enable us to help other Questor families. CLICK HERE for our donations page.
  • If you have any good ideas of other ways of supporting the work of the Trust, please CLICK HERE to let us know as we are always looking for new ways to help more Questors in the future.

We are a small Trust with BIG ideas to support children and young people, but we cannot do it alone.  We rely on the donations of others to enable us to do the work we do.

And it makes a BIG difference to Questors’ lives!