Support for the Trust

We are a small Trust with BIG ideas to support children and young people with High Learning Potential and Dual and Multiple Exceptionalities, but we cannot do it alone.  We rely on the support and involvement of individuals and organisations to enable us to do the work we do. Although financial donations are always very much appreciated, they are just one of a variety of ways you could help support our work.

You could

  • Raise awareness of our Questor Bursaries amongst low- and lower-income families with which you work.
  • Raise awareness of The Potential Trust and what it does with the people you know, especially in your own organisation.
  • Sign our pledge for equity, equal opportunities and inclusion for children and young people with Hugh Learning Potential and Dual and Multiple Exceptionalities.
  • Apply to attend or help us organise a cutting edge Potential Conference.

In terms of helping to fund our work, you could:

  • Shop on-line via easyfundraising and nominate The Potential Trust as your chosen charity. A donation will be made to the Trust – and it won’t cost you a penny!
  • If you are an individual, consider making a donation to one of our funding programmes.
  • If you run a business, sponsor or make a donation to our funding programmes.

Future Questors’ Programme

Every child and young person should have access to an education that helps them fully develop their personality, talents and abilities. If HLP children and young people have opportunities to meet others who are like-minded, can discover and engage in new activities and find new interests, and can explore new challenges, they are much better able to thrive.

Without the right support, many of those with High Learning Potential can struggle to recognise that they have that potential, fail to develop their talents and abilities, become isolated, anxious and depressed, develop behavioural problems, and develop mental health issues leading to depression, anxiety, self-harm or worse.

It costs about £300 per child to fund a Questor Bursary.

You could:

  • donate money towards the Future Questor’s Programme and we will use it to support a child or young person;
  • sponsor one child for a year (£300);
  • support a number of bursaries, for example for children in your area or in a particular age range, or for families with particular characteristics.

Potential Conference Programme

Each conference is worth its weight in gold in helping us to raise awareness about High Learning Potential and Dual and Multiple Exceptionality, inform and change policy and practice relating to these issues, debate cutting edge ideas.

It costs us about £5000 to enable us to run a Potential Conference.

You could:

  • donate a sum of money towards the Potential Conference Programme in general and we will use it to run our conference programme each year;
  • sponsor one Potential Conference (£5000);
  • support one or more conferences in a specific area of the country, on a specific subject or affecting a particular age group or demographic.

Removing Barriers to Change Programme

This is a new programme borne out of our realisation that if the needs of children and young people with HLP and DME were identified correctly and supported in the right way, the problems they experienced would be reduced and the need for our support removed.

As this is a new programme, we are particularly open to new ideas and suggestions on ways we can raise awareness, inform, educate and influence policy and practice in this area.

Ideas include:

  • producing materials to support teenagers, teachers, and other professionals;
  • sending our pledge to families and schools;
  • conducting research into HLP and DME;
  • coordinating a social media campaign to raise awareness.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas.