A Potential Conference is…

A Potential Conference is a professional retreat for a group of up to about 20 people interested in discussing something they are passionate about that is of current significance in the field of education and that resonates with the aims of the Trust.  Meals and accommodation are paid for by the Trust in a venue chosen for its suitability for participants to relax and think creatively.

We offer participants an opportunity to focus on visions for the future, clarify thoughts, make new contacts and renew existing ones, and recharge motivational batteries.  The bonus – unexpected in its form but expected that it will happen – is interesting and exciting outcomes (usually by about the mid-morning break on the second day), with suggestions and plans for action.

A Potential Conference is often run in collaboration with another organisation with aims similar to or overlapping with those of the Trust.  Each event has one or more specific themes (and possibly some specific questions to be addressed) but there is no pre-determined programme limiting discussions.  Whatever agenda emerges is based on the needs of participants and their current preoccupations in the field of education so we start with introductions and answers to ‘What brought you here?’  It’s like a treasure hunt where the treasure is the hinterland of experience, involvements, and contacts that participants bring with them – plus their thoughts for changing the future.

Potential Conferences can cover a wide range of topics and have included:

  • collaboration of UK organisations supporting HLP children
  • personalised learning
  • bullying and what to do about it
  • assessment services for HLP children
  • government and/or school policy on HLP
  • provision made by hands-on science centres
  • provision of an on-line arts backpack for children
  • feedback and thoughts from ex-participants of HLP events
  • the role of occupational therapy in helping HLP children
  • SEND in the early years
  • HLP helpline volunteers and assessors
  • a matter of equity for DME children
  • collaboration of European organisations supporting HLP children
  • A matter of equity for DME children

Please complete Potential Conference Application Form if you feel you have something to contribute to one of the events already planned or currently under consideration.

Potential Conferences already planned: 

– European Potential Conference: Autumn 2021 (Stroud, Glos)

– A matter of equity for DME children: review: May 2021

– If only we had more funds for HLP and DME: June 2021

– WATCH THIS SPACE… more Potential Conferences to follow

Potential Conferences currently being considered:

– Supporting HLP children with musical talent

– Science for teenage audiences

– Stand-up comedians could help change attitudes to HLP

– Organisations supporting home educators

AnOther Potential Conference

AnOther Potential Conference is an opportunity to collaborate with the Trust for an event on a theme of particular interest to yourself or your organisation – an event to encourage change that will enable HLP and DME children to thrive and we hope will also push the boundaries of thinking in the future.