Questor Bursary Application Form

To fill in the information about the event(s) you want to book::

  • If asking for a bursary for more than one Questor, please use a separate table for each child
  • Use a separate line for each event.
  • Royal Institution : For the RI summer school please use a separate line for each event and list choice of events in order of preference as we may not be able to offer bursaries for all of them, and some may already be full. RI members: please give members’ discounted prices.
  • Enter the cost of events after any discount you have received (eg because you have membership of the event organiser).
  • Let us know whether the event organiser has already offered you a bursary and for how much.
  • Please let us know how much of the total cost you could manage for each Questor without totally wrecking you family budget.

If you want to book an event offered by someone not on this list of organisations we work in partnership with, please include their contact details after their name.  

  • Bursary request for one or more Questors for the SAME event or for RI summer school (use section below for 2nd Questor for an event offered by a different organisation)

  • (250 words maximum)
  • Bursary request for 2nd Questor if for event offered by a different organisation

  • (250 words maximum)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.