The OT Company

The OT Company (UK) Ltd

The OT Company is run by Mariza Ferreira, a paediatric Occupational Therapist.  Mariza specialises in working with children who have dual or multiple exceptionality (DME), which is a combination of high learning potential (HLP) together with a special educational need and disability (SEND).  This includes but is not limited to sensory processing difficulties such as hypersensitivity to noise or hyperactivity, handwriting, and emotional difficulties.  Mariza uses a unique therapy approach called DME-C which she specifically developed to help this cohort of children, and is the first to recognise the specific needs of HLP and DME children in this way.

Services offered include:

  • Direct therapy support for children aged approximately 2 to 14.
  • Various self-paced online courses for parents of DME children needing help to cope with sensory issuea, with management strategies for home, based on the DME-C approach.
  • Online consultation and signposting sessions for parents of DME children.
  • Training to other paediatric Occupational Therapists in the DME-C therapy approach.

Mariza’s online course ‘How to help your gifted child with sensory issues cope in real life‘ is now live.  Click here to enrol or, if you would first like to know more, email her at